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Express yourself with code.


The Invent framework helps anyone make and share apps.

Deliberately constrained to use a small number of core concepts, Invent is easy to teach and learn. Combine the core concepts to construct apps that reflect your unique vision of our digital world. Built in tools help you playfully imagine, explore and refine your applications. Share your creations with anyone on the planet at the click of a button.

That's it!


Computers are everywhere. They touch all aspects of our lives, from our social interactions to managing the everyday infrastructure of society.

The Invent framework empowers anyone to creatively participate in the world of computers.

We believe everyone should be able to directly control the technology in their lives, rather than be directed by complicated code controlled by others. This is digital emancipation: you're no longer just a user, but a co-creator and participant in computing culture.

What will you invent?


The Invent framework uses two of the most vibrant technical ecosystems on the planet.

  • The web - the world's most ubiquitous computing platform, mature and familiar to billions of people.
  • Python - one of the world's most popular and easy to learn programming languages.

Invent sits on top of PyScript, a platform for Python in web browsers.

The built in tools guide beginner programmers with their first steps, but stay out of the way of experienced folk. Our focus is on ease of expression, flexibility in the face of change, and engaging in a journey to experience.


Invent is for anyone who wants to express themselves with code.

We are an open source project ~ the Invent framework is free to use.

We focus on our community ~ we invite you to contribute your unique perspective, talents and skills to the future of our project.

We welcome everyone, irrespective of background ~ collaborate within a cosmopolitan community of unique individuals, learn from each other and mutually enlarge our digital world.

We expect folks participating in the development of the Invent framework to engage respectfully, compassionately and in good faith.